Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring in Siberia????

Spring is finally arriving!  Well, at least the snow is melting a little bit and although temperatures are still below freezing in Siberia we feel a little relief from the bitter winter.  Winter in the US was a harsh one this year but here in Siberia we saw -50 degrees below zero.
The temperatures are extreme here and we have been experiencing extreme moves of God everywhere we minister.  My wife preached in a local village last Sunday.  Her topic was, "What to do when the darkness seems to prevail."  The people were weeping as she spoke.  You could see the pain in their faces because the darkness is so great in our area of the world.  But, at the end of the message the entire room stood up in a united prayer to end the darkness in their lives and allow the light to come through.  One woman gave her heart to Christ to conclude the meeting. 
Yes, spring is coming and the sun is breaking through the clouds.  We are seeing hearts once cold to the gospel break under the power of God.
I traveled throughout Russia in Feburary this year.  In Volgograd, Russia we saw 15 people give there hearts to Christ in one service.  In Omsk, Siberia, I preached at the largest church in the city and 20 people came to the front of the church to repent of their sins.  I also traveled to Perm, Russia.  There stands a church filled with thousands of believers worshipping the Lord.  They are worshipping in a building the communist leaders once preached their propoganda.  When I gave the alter call in that place 40 people said yes to Jesus Christ. 
Everywhere we go we are seeing spring time in this frozen tundra.  There is so much more on my heart to do.  In March, we will launch our 500th church plant in Siberia.  We have labored here since 1996 and God is truly blessing our "Breaking the Ice" ministry. 
But, not only have I labored but thanks to those who have partnered with us with prayer and support, 107,600 people have not only received Christ as their Savior but are active members in church today.  Most of these people had never before had a gospel witness. 
There is still so much more to be done.  Our vision over the next 10 years is to launch 1000 new churches in unreached areas that have no gospel witness in Russia.  There are over 21,109 cities, towns, and villages and 67 people groups with a adherent of 36 million people who have no gospel witness in Russia.   
Thanks for all who pray for us and partner with with us to see Muslim to Buddhist, Shaman to Atheist communities have a gospel witness.  Because of sacrifices from our partners in the States and Russian national pastors we are seeing those people who have not been reached with the gospel hear of God's goodness for the first time.   

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